Message From CMD


(Planning Development & Director)

The idea is to raise confidence, improve productivity and give direction through proper skill development. Skill development will enable the youths to get blue-collar jobs. Development of skills, at an young age, right at the school level, is very essential to channelise them for proper job opportunities. There should be a balanced growth in all the sectors and all jobs should be given equal importance. Every job aspirant would be given training in soft skills to lead a proper and decent life. Skill would reach the rural and remote areas also. Corporate educational institutions, non-government organizations, Government, academic institutions, and society would help in the development of skills of the youths so that better results are achieved in the shortest time possible. We Provide Excellent infrastructure which includes well ventilated classroom, LCD projectors, power point presentations and providing online teaching notes and other learning enjoyable and easy to absorb.

Apart from the students’ placement committee, dedicated faculty members along with the support of entire faculty fraternity prepares and guides the students for securing placement in the Industry. A highly dedicated effort is made by the entire Institute’s students and faculty to assist students getting a good job as well as guiding and helping those students who want to be the entrepreneurs.

A separate ‘Personality Development Workshop’ including soft skill such as spoken English, body posture, stress management, dressing, voice modulation, transaction analysis, presentation skills etc. are imparted to the students to enable them to compete better with the students of other Management Institutes. We concentrate on the all round.

‘Holistic Development’. of our students in all aspects thereby enabling them to acquire the competency to deliver efficient and effective use of knowledge in practical real life situations furthering the performance excellence of the students in the organizations they join and add value from the first day to their existing system. Finally, I would like to conclude my message with a quotation from Swami Vivekananda’s saying – “We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet”.

Rajnikant Sharma (Director)

From the desk of

Aerosoft Healthcare Private Limited was set up in 2013 initiatives from 2011 and after the initial years of evolvement, the Organization had been able to successfully identify its key domains of operation, in consonance with the Organization’s as well as the national mandates and goals. AHPL identified six primary areas to achieve its strategic goals, and continued to evaluate them from time to time to employ and incorporate best policies & programs. These domains were appropriately structured around the mandates of AHPL, the emerging national & international Skilling and leveraged on AHPL's leadership in the field.

Over 9 years, the Organization pioneered distinguished interventions that have steered policy formulations and replicable development models. However, with uncertainties and risks weighing heavily on the National as well as global Skilling, AHPL thought it prudent to revisit its work domain. Thus, with an eye on customizing Organization's approaches and strategies to India & other emerging Skilling, maintaining the relevance of its initiatives in the changing context and crafting plans and policies which address the voids in the Development, AHPL revisited its thrusts and domains. Strategizing assumed strength in the light of government's initiatives to promote employment and start-ups, identifying and stimulating unexploited entrepreneurial fervor, instilling entrepreneurial orientation in executives, students, women, disadvantaged groups & other sections, addressing the vulnerability of rural and urban micro enterprises, emphasizing on innovations, incubation and research. Enhancing the spirit of entrepreneurship & levels of skills and opening up sustainable entrepreneurial paths based on proactive policies guided our role in reinstituting an accelerating system for entrepreneurship.

Vinay Kumar (Director)

From the desk of

This has led us to five new departments, which include those of Public Advocacy, Knowledge and Research; Entrepreneurship Education; Projects; National Outreach & Business Development Services and Developing Economy Engagements. Let me assure you that Skill Development, innovative projects, programs and practices will remain the hallmark of this Organization, and competitive entrepreneurship through education, novel projects, capacity-building, training, innovations and research for inclusive development will make a more conspicuous presence.

Un- Employment is a major problem in India. Highly qualified and Experienced persons wandering here and there for employment. Mentality of 80% of un-employed educated youth is to get job in Govt. Sector.

So with the frustration, un-employed might choose the wrong way to fulfill their needs and can be involved in Criminal Activity. To control this critical problem, Organization has decided to run different Skill development Training. These sectors have great opportunity to setup under Employment and self-employment for every un-employed after these Training. Thousands of student of the Organization living better life than any Govt. employee and running their own Polar, Dairy, Poultry Farm, Madhu Makhi Palan, Training Centers, Tailor shop etc. Last but not the least I want to say that this is the right choice for the un-employed youths or fresher’s to get the respectable Job or business opportunities. So come and choose a field you are interested in