Company Profile

AHPL incorporate on 2nd December 2013. from beginning company work on employment generation programs self-funded or govt. Funded program. AHPL will be targeted towards four main objectives in Jharkhand For skills development. Now today till date more then 4560 candidates trained under schemes of govt .Funded programs By AHPL

Quality outcomes:- To ensure quality outcomes in terms of both quality and quantity of placements. Improved placement rates along with salary levels of more than INR 8,000 per month is one of the key objectives of AHPL Training infrastructure creation with scale and speed: Given the ambitious target of the state to skill 20 lakh youth in next five years, it is imperative that aspirational and high quality standard training infrastructure is created with scale and speed By AHPL.

Ensure high performing training ecosystem: To incubate, grow and sustain ecosystem enablers like mobilization & counseling support, Train the Trainer , Placement Centre, Industry engagement, research centres in skill development, etc
Building and sustaining competencies for future labor market needs: To be ready for jobs of future by imparting necessary knowledge, skills and competency in emerging technologies and business models Incubate nano enterprises – To incubate, grow and sustain nano enterprises through barefoot entrepreneurship incubation centres. To create a robust barefoot entrepreneurship ecosystem encompassing skill development, entrepreneurship training, supply chain linkages, credit linkages, market linkages, mentorship, etc.

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